Cash Back Bonus

CFM Cash Back Bonus

CF Merchants is one of the best forex broker in the world in terms of Partnership Program. Introducing Brokers always enjoyed great satisfaction and pleasure working with CF Merchants as CF Merchants offering them much higher rebates, commissions, cash backs and loyalty bonuses. Cash Back for IB’s is a unique way of getting maximum benefits from your clients other than the rebates and commission. CFM Cash Back Bonus is a unique way of promoting our best partners.

CFM Cash will be awarded to Partners at each deposit in their IB accounts.

The Loyalty Bonus will be given to Partners as per following ratio:

Sr Deposits Cash Back
1 500$+ 4%
2 1,000$+ 6%
3 2,000$+ 8%
4 3,000$+ 10%
  • Cash back amount will be added in IB account, this amount is not transferable or cashable. IB’s can only transfer it to their personal trading accounts and trade on them. Any profit generated on Cash Back amount is withdrawable if the equity is maintained at Cash Back amount.
  • Minimum 40% Standard lots of the Cash Back is required to properly claim the Cash Back. For example, if partner get 1000$ Cash Back, then his clients must complete 400 standard lots to properly claim that Cash Back. If client makes a withdraw before completing 40% standard lots than partner will be liable to pay the amount of Cash Back to his client.
  • Partner must fill Cash Back form and send back to CF Merchants to get his withdraw of Cash Back
  • Maximum Cash Back limit for one trading account is $300. IB cannot claim
  • This offer is for limited time period and can be stopped at any time without any prior notice.
  • Partner will be responsible for the number of lots that are required to be completed at client’s end. If 40% of the lots are not completed than partner is the only responsible for the Cash Back amount and CF Merchants has no liability in this regard. If partner thinks that client will take his withdraw before completing the required lots, then he must not get the Cash Back on that client’s deposit.
  • Only IBs can take cash back on their clients’ deposit.
  • No staff members, and/or their relatives or any associated company of CF Merchants, may take part in this promotion.
  • IB cannot claim this offer if client or IB has taken any other promotion on the same deposit.

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