Islamic Accounts

Islamic Accounts

Get a swap-free account that is consistent with the Sharia law At CF Merchants

The Islamic Accounts are also known as Swap-Free Accounts. At first, Islamic Accounts were set up for the merchants as per the rules and regulation of Islamic religion. According to trading standards, every business or individual should pay or get an interest from the other one, but it is precluded and consider Haram in Islam. So, Islamic (Swap-Free) accounts enable brokers to trade any currency pair in any volume that is persisted without reward.

Swap-Free or Islamic accounts provide a chance to keep trading smooth under the Islamic rules during an inconclusive trading period and don’t give any negative commission for the overnight rollover. In this situation, the consequence of trading completely depends on the currency rates during the specific time period.

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Because of its peculiarity everywhere throughout the world, this type of accounts became very popular in Islamic countries. That’s why various Forex specialists like as CF Merchants offers its customers the Islamic (or Swap-Free) Accounts for free.

Here at CF Merchants Ltd, our clients’ satisfaction always comes first for us. For this reason, we offer Islamic accounts that are agreeable with the Sharia law. Furthermore, we always go all-out to facilitate our trading conditions to suit traders’ needs and requirements all over the world.

Forex Islamic Account is referred to as a Swap-Free account as there is no swap or rollover interest. Thus every Muslim customer can gain profit by CF Merchants Ltd because we provide best trading circumstances by opening any account with us – Classic, Pro or VIP – and converting it to an Islamic kind.

Islamic records have the same trading term and conditions as our other type of standard merchandizing accounts. The main difference is that they are Swap-Free.

Our reliable and Professional Customer Service will process your demand for an Islamic account status within 1 business day and you can also get an email confirmation when all is set up. We at CF Merchants Ltd, all Consequent Exchanging Accounts opened as swap-free meaning and there will be no stick requirements.

We create an Islamic account by taking two basic steps:
1- Open live account

Please upload important records and documents in order to create/open your live record.

1- Contact

If you have another type of account and want to change into Islamic account then Please send your account number, record by email to our skilful and expert support team. Start trading with CF Merchants Ltd today and get experience supreme trading conditions with us!

Please confirm you fulfil to our Islamic (Swap-Free) exchanging account agreement
before applying for a sans swap account status.